Cristiano Oliva

I’m experienced in Digital Marketing and e-commerce.

I work as Head of e-commerce marketing on Storeis projects.

I like to research and develop processes on digital communication based on stats. I’m involved on planning, analysis, advertising delivery and retail/e-commerce forecast.

Cristiano Oliva

Job Experience

I graduated at University of Padua in Communication Studies in 2011, then I lived in Canada for a while studing english and living on American culture.

Back to Italy, I worked as Digital Marketing Manager for agencies and the largest supermarket chains in Italy. Since 2012 I’m involved in coordination and management of projects related to digital marketing.

Actually I work at Storeis: we have plenty of nice stories about e-commerce and retail with big brands.

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Rather a passion than a job

I love fine digital contents. I’m fascinated by the power of video as medium in the Web.

Ever since I was a child I’ve enjoyed cycling. I think we need more bikes and less stress. I worked as videomaker into cycling industry: for several years for some market-leader goods producers. Recently I’m having fun developing a special project for a local cycling shop.


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